Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ugly Cosmetics Industry

What is in your shampoo? Anything greedy corporations want to put in the shampoo. And that is whether the chemicals in the Shampoo are safe for the public to use or not.

The Ugly Truth is the US FDA allows the Shampoo and Cosmetic industries to use any old unsafe chemical combinations in their cosmetic and drug products.

What are humans putting in the Earth's only water supply? Poison concoctions that may be found in well advertised Shampoo products like Wen Shampoo. Finally after 21,000 Wen Shampoo complaints does the Federal Government decide to investigate why the Wen cosmetic products are causing some people's hair to fall out.(1)

Talk about retarded Federal oversight of public health and safety. Corporate profit wins over common scientific sense.

The only question is when are the consequences for polluting the Earth's limited water supply and our own bodies going to reach out and grab you in a nasty ass way. Got Cancer Yet?


Thursday, August 11, 2016

No Compassion for Human Life

For many people end of life events come without warning and are swift, like a heart attack during the night. Maybe it is a car wreck or a plane crash that quickly extinguishes someone's life.

For many others, the end of life process is slow and painful. I certainly do not wish to suffer in pain during my final days on earth. 

Because corporate profit has a higher priority over health and common sense, the incidence of cancer in humans continues to increase. Really, scientists have known for decades that cigarette products are extremely harmful to the health of humans. Yet cigarettes are still available for purchase in most stores, TODAY. Idiotically, it is the right of corporations to be able produce products that kill people. That does not make sense.

Something else that does not make sense is when a person gets a diagnosis of advanced cancer or some other disease, why does society force them to suffer?

Seriously, if an animal is suffering, a Veterinarian will compassionately "put it down." All it takes is a drug to put the dog or cat or horse to sleep, and then a concoction of drugs to stop the heart while the animal is in that deep sleep. Helping the animal to avoid pain and suffering is the compassionate thing to do.

When it comes to humans, the corporate medical machine has seen to it that dying people in pain will suffer until the medical institution can suck every last drop of money from the sick human. Where is the compassion to "put down" people who are suffering from disease or illness? Why are there no doctors to "put down" suffering humans?

The corporate health care lawyers that write health care laws have seen to it that Euthanasia for humans is illegal in most states. There is more compassion for sufferning dogs and cats in this world than there is for humans in pain. That is the Ugly Truth.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Third World Country

Coating Mobile's public waterways with Plastic. Mobile's waterways are beginning to take on the appearance of some of the polluted waterways in Third World Countries like India.

I wonder ... could the fact that people from India are taking over entire sectors of business in America like Convenience Stores and Motels be why many Motels are in America are now in terrible living condition and the area around most Convenience Stores are so trashy? America takes on the norms of its immigrants.

The next generation should be sure to watch "The Big Collapse of America" coming soon to a reality theatre near them. Thank stinkin Liberals, NAFTA supporters and the Treasonous Party for filling the American ship with more holes than it can handle.

The Treasonous Political Party being the Democrats and the Republicans. No matter which half of the TPP is in power the TPP continues to rob the Taxpayers blind and continues to prevent any other political party from gaining power in Congress.

Each taxpayer in America now owes about $161,000 dollars thanks to irresponsible spending and borrowing by Congress.

Congress is responsible for passing treaties that shut down many manufacturing jobs in America. Now Congress is allowing Middle East and Asian countries to buy America piece by piece. And some of those foreigners want to see America collapse.

Well, thanks to the Treasonous Party, the collapse of America cannot be far away. America's waterways, at least those in Mobile, are now polluted with vast amounts of trash like waterways in uneducated Third World Countries where the leaders do not give a fuck what is floating in their public waterways.

No wonder why Americans are disgruntled with their voting options. Either way you vote, Democrat or Republican, as a taxpayer, you lose because the Democrats and Republican are gears in the same Treasonous Political Party which royally screws the taxpayers.

There can come a point when a citizen borrows way more money than he or she will ever be able to pay back. Such irresponsible borrowing ends up with the person going bankrupt. America is bankrupt. The money needed to clean up polluted waterways in America will never be available because the America is broke.

Polluting Earth's only water resources will carry a harsh consequence to the Human Species. Got cancer yet?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ugly Mardi Trash

Anyone see a problem with the above photo? It is Mardi Gras trash on Springhill Avenue. The problem is this year's Mardi Gras parades were over 5 months ago. 

China's cheap ass plastic Mardi Gras beads are discarded on the roadsides all year long. That is Ugly.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ugly Stress

Trashy Mobile recieves yet another low down award. Mobile has been identified as being the second most Stressful City in all of America to live in. Why is that no surprise?

No wonder why so many homes and businesses in trashy Mobile have burgler bars in their windows.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Corporate Polluter

I have to wonder what kind of lazy employees work at this Dollar General on Spring Hill Avenue. How hard can it be to put trash in a dumpster?

Here, most of the trash is on the ground and the dumpster enclosure doors are wide open allowing the loose trash on the ground to be flushed away by rain.

And this is acceptable by Mobile's municipal litter code enforcement department? Apparently so because this is a common sight at many Dollar General Stores.

They don't call Mobile the Bay of Pigs by accident. Even corporations are allowed to wallow in squalor.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fishing Pigs

Here is the Ugly trash polluted shoreline near the Battleship that sorry ass Fishing Pigs leave for the public to view.

Forget issuing fines to the criminal Fishing Pig litter chunkers. Someone needs to give the litter chunking Fishing Pigs a horrendously painful ass whooping. Criminals will not change their illegal habits unless their is a painful consequence to clearly teach them right from wrong.